Mayor Turner - MBK Houston
Justice Operations Mayoral Conference

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The City of Houston, The Harris County Sheriff's Office, and The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department have teamed up to reduce crime, violence, and recidivism.

In alignment with Mayor's Turner proclamation of June 2nd being "National Gun Violence Awareness Day", My Brother's Keeper Houston (MBK) designed two programs and expanded its partnerships to offset the challenges of reducing violence.

MBK Houston and The Harris County Sheriff's Office have partnered to identify and assist children whose parents are incarcerated and provide case management and care coordination that will assist them in not repeating the same or similar offenses that would perpetuate the cycle of crime, violence and incarceration in their families. Statistics show that 70% of children with one (1) parent who is incarcerated will one day be incarcerated and are 5X more likely than their peers to commit crimes.

MBK Houston, The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department and The Harris County Juvenile Justice Center have partnered to assist pre and post adjudicated youth through the ReDirect Juvenile Diversion Program. ReDirect utilizes a wraparound approach to providing rehabilitative evidence based intervention strategies for moderate to high risk boys of color that include intensive case management, cognitive behavioral life skills training, mentoring and restorative justice practices designed to reduce recidivism.

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