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Our youth, particularly youth of color, face enormous challenges every day. Data indicates that on almost all indicators, boys and men of color lag far behind the rest of our population. The gaps between boys and young men of color and the rest of the population are stark and are seen in education, earnings, health, employment, neighborhood safety, workforce development and encounters with the law enforcement and justice system.

MBK Houston is an ambitious undertaking for our city. Improving future outcomes for our youth and children also means a better quality of life for all Houstonians. This translates to better economic conditions for families, access to quality education for all children and youth, improved health outcomes, a well-trained workforce, greater access to resources, safer neighborhoods, and a host of other factors. As leaders and decision makers and in our community, we need your help and support.

The Houston Health Department serves as the backbone organization of MBK to leverage the expertise of nonprofits, agencies, educational institutions and other partners to coalesce around strategies and evidence-based methodologies and programs seeking to increase opportunities and close disparity gaps that persist in our communities.

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MBK aims to turn around lives and create more opportunities youth across the city. Since the resources needed to reach this goal extends beyond the scope of any singular entity; we are working with non-profit, public and private sector organizations, as well as volunteers, to collectively support our youth.

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MBK Houston welcomes you to get involved! The community support network consists of community residents, volunteers, parents, youth, multi-faceted organizations, civic groups, and others who support improving outcomes for Houston's youth. Join MBK and make a difference through volunteerism, community planning, advocacy, outreach and education, and resource development.

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Mayor Turner - MBK Houston Justice Operations Conference

The Houston Health Department's initiative My Brother's Keeper Houston, the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department are teaming up to reduce crime, violence and recidivism.



MBK supports both families and communities in crisis. Our objective is to assist those in need by improving quality of life by focusing on prevention as well as remediation of issues, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life. These services are rendered and supported through the Houston Health Department who has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to providing care coordination through our public health professionals. Click the link below and complete the Intake Form to start the referral process today!

MBK Proclamation! 
Mayor Turner proclaims June 12 as MBK Houston Day!


HOUSTON - Three years after Houston released its Local Action Plan to help the city's Boys and Young Men of Color (BYMOC). Mayor Turner joined with the Houston Healt Department ti share the achievements of My Brother's Keeper Houston and point to its work as a national model.

In 2014, President Barack Obama announced the My Brother's Keeper (MBK) Initiative, which aimed to address opportunity gaps among BYMOC by offering new support from cradle to career through young adulthood. As part of this initiative, President Obama

Houston was one of the first cities to accept the challenge and in May of 2015, it launched its MBK Local Action Plan, creating a full-time staff dedicated to the work and investing the vital resources to make the plan a reality. After three years, with the support and guidance of Bloomberg Associates, a philanthropic municipal consultancy, Houston is one of the first to share its work publicly and well positioned to lead the discussion on what other municipalities can do to enter into this work successfully. Bloomberg Associates worked with the City to develop their Local Action Plan and has been and advisor to their efforts for the past three years including helping to launch Team Up: a sports careers initiative in MBK neighborhoods last year.

"Houston is a city of opportunity, a city where dreams can come true, a city that helps afford opportunities to succeed in life, despite obstacles," Mayor Sylvester Turner said. "The success of MBK Houston demonstrates how innovation, ambition, collaboration, and investment in human capital can help fill the potholes in the lives of our youth. MBK Houston helps to create a culture of achievement enabling youth to reach their full potential."

To read more about MBK Houston’s work over the past few years, please read: My
Brother’s Keeper Houston: A City’s Collaborative Effort to Improving the Lives of
Boys and Young Men of Color available here.

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To combat food insecurity and promote parental involvement in their children's school, MBK Houston has partnered with the Houston Food Bank to launch the Food for Change Scholarship Pantry at the 5th Ward MSC.

Through this unique program, students and their families within the Wheatley School feeder pattern receive supplemental food twice a month.

Families of students attending Wheatley High School, Fleming Middle School and Bruce Elementary School, can earn up to 60lbs of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats at no cost! Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend monthly family engagement events at their respective schools to be considered eligible.

Through the Food for Change scholarship program, MBK Houston hopes to support the Wheatley community by increasing parent-school engagement and positively impacting school community's nutrition and overall health.

For more information please contact Sharifa Charles at sharifa.charles@houstontx.gov or call at 713-254-2660.

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If you would like to volunteer for our upcoming events, please fill-out our application and we will be happy to include you in our efforts to help our school families.

(Young Adults Building Communities)

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Civic engagement and developing youth leaders is an important identified goal in the Complete Communities Action Plan for the Acres Home and Gulfton communities. To help implement this project, the City of Houston Health Department, My Brother's Keeper and the Houston Health Foundation have partnered together to create the Y-ABC.

The Y-ABC (Young Adults Building Communities) is a free program designed to empower young people (18-30 years of age) through training and experiential learning to become a voice for positive changes in their community. The program includes training on effective communication strategies, connecting to your elected officials, increasing awareness of available resources, skills in coalition building within and outside your community and health literacy. There will also be an opportunity to apply for mini-grants for community improvement projects. Sign up to register for Acres Home, Gulfton, or visit Y-ABC for more information on the program.

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