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Young Men from the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program will gain Hands-On Experience in Event Operations, Emergency Services and Media Relations During Marathon Weekend

January 14, 2017 (Houston, TX) - Today, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Houston and the Houston Health Foundation launches Team Up – an initiative that focuses on leveraging youth interest in sports to encourage students to stay actively engaged in their education by learning about the opportunities available to them in off-the-field careers in sports. The program will select participants from credible organizations working within the three MBK catchment areas of Kashmere, Scarborough and Wheatley.

Noel quote - “MBK Houston has been providing vital services to youth in some of Houston’s highest need communities for the last two years,” said Noel Pinnock (Bureau Chief, HHD Bureau of Youth and Adolescent Health). “This partnership with the Houston Marathon Foundation is certain to assist us in incentivizing these young men through mentorship and knowledge-building to stay focused, work hard and consider pursuing a career in sports business.”

MBK Houston and the Houston Health Foundation launches the Team Up initiative with one of its first partners, the Houston Marathon Foundation. Representatives from the Marathon Foundation have already participated in two “Discovery Days” with young men from the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program.  During these “Discovery Days”, high school age youth have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the staff responsibilities required to produce the Houston Marathon.

Robin quote - “The Houston Health Foundation is proud to support the MBK Initiative,” said Robin Mansur, Executive Director of the Houston Health Foundation. “The Team Up campaign is a new beginning for us to involve the Houston sports communities in the promotion of opportunities for our youth.”

Throughout Marathon weekend, the young men will apply their learnings and join their Marathon staff mentors to gain hands-on experience. Each of these young men have been partnered with a Marathon mentor who works in a field they are interested in, such as Emergency Services, Event Operations, and Media Relations. By connecting them to their interest, Team Up showcases the breadth of experiences available to them that go beyond the Marathon track. There will also be young men stationed at the water station to support the marathon runners. They will then convene to speak with Ally Walker of the Houston Marathon Foundation to discuss their experiences of the day.

Ally quote - “The Houston Marathon Foundation is excited to be one of the first partners in the Team Up initiative,” said Ally Walker (Senior Manager, HMF Community Development). “Our participation in this initiative builds upon our commitment to the Houston-area community and we look forward to providing these youth with meaningful experiences that have the potential to impact their current and future life decisions.”

Mike Hopper quote- “Bloomberg Associates is excited to foster this partnership to draw connections between the sports world and youth in underserved communities. Too often, youth are motivated by professional athletes and never get the opportunity to see the world beyond the players,” said Mike Hopper of Bloomberg Associates. “We have enjoyed working with our partners on the ground in Houston to bring this opportunity to young people who otherwise may not have received this exposure.”

Follow the experiences of these young men at the Houston Marathon by following #MBKTEAMUP.



About Houston Health Foundation
Houston Health Foundation
works with donors, organizations and volunteers to forge public private partnerships that assist the Houston Health Department to bring valuable health services to the children and families of Houston's most under-served communities. Each year, the Houston Health Foundation impacts over 20,000 children and families. 

The foundation’s banner programs include preventative screening and oral health care for elementary school children through Project Saving Smiles, vision screening and eyewear through See to Succeed, access to fresh produce and nutrition education with our Community Nutrition program, and improving outcomes and reducing opportunity gaps for young men of color through My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Houston.

About MBK Houston
Our youth, particularly youth of color, face enormous challenges every day. The gaps between boys and young men of color and the rest of the population are stark and are seen in education, earnings, health, employment, neighborhood safety, workforce development and encounters with the law enforcement and justice system

MBK Houston is an ambitious undertaking to improve future outcomes for the youth and children, resulting in a better quality of life for all Houstonians. This translates to better economic conditions for families, access to quality education for all children and youth, improved health outcomes, a well-trained workforce, greater access to resources, safer neighborhoods, and a host of other factors.

The Houston Health Department serves as the backbone organization of MBK to leverage the expertise of nonprofits, agencies, educational institutions and other partners to coalesce around strategies and evidence-based methodologies and programs seeking to increase opportunities and close disparity gaps that persist in our communities.

About Bloomberg Associates

Bloomberg Associates is an international consulting service founded by Michael R. Bloomberg as a philanthropic venture to help city governments improve the quality of life of their citizens. The organization specializes in eight strategic disciplines for improving urban environments:  Cultural Assets Management, Marketing and Communications, Media and Digital Strategies, Municipal Integrity, Social Services, Sustainability, Transportation and Urban Planning. For more information on the consultancy, please visit bloombergassociates.org or follow us on Twitter @Bloombergassoc. 

Additionally, the team fosters public-private partnerships to help each city build resources and implement programs that turn dynamic vision into reality.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact one of the below:

Robin Mansur

President and CEO
Houston Health Foundation

Number: 832-967-7846

Email: robin.mansur@houstonheatlhfoundation.org

Christine M. Barron
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Bureau of Youth & Adolescent Health, HHD

Number: 281-455-9867
Email: Christine.Barron@houstontx.gov



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